Production Inputs

Unfortunately I couldn’t get a swatch of the fabric because the only store for fabric near me is Walmart (63 T-790, Clarion, PA 16214). I made do and used my phone to take pictures of the fabric and was still able to feel the fabrics to see if it fit my mood board. Although all … More Production Inputs

Production Costs

The item I am basing these costs off of are a pair “earrings” made out of crafting items. None of these items are expensive to buy and it was hard to find styrofoam balls that you didn’t have to buy atleast 12 for. Glitter usually comes in large containers so I estimated what it would … More Production Costs

My Bag

My mood board created a Summer feeling, breezy fabrics, light blues and yellows. Going along with the summer vibe, I always carry a small and easy to care clutch/wallet in the summer so I thought thats what I would design. I used a light blue and white striped seersucker fabric to build my wristlet. I … More My Bag

My Mockup Bag

I created a sample version of my signature bag out of a brown paper bag and a twine handle off of a shopping bag. I stapled the pieces together. First I found a linen fabric. This is what I would actually use for the bag. Using the fabrics I found one of the previous lessons; … More My Mockup Bag

Social Media

PARSONS x TEEN VOGUE Just recently I started up a Youtube channel. The first video I put out was on the more personal side, a vlog of how I spent my holiday. The second video I uploaded was a Try on haul. I was curious to see how the views and watch time differed from … More Social Media