Production Standards

For my assignment to check the fit of different clothing items I headed to JCPennys (the only large clothing retailer in my town). I looked for jeans and stuck to a dark wash, some with rips some without. The pair I found that fit the best was from a brand called “Blue Spice”. These were in my regular size (5). They were not too tight but didn’t sag either. I found three other pairs that looked quite similar. In the brand Levis I thought would have the best fit but surprised me the most in their sizing. I tried on a size 8 and where the length was good they were very tight in the legs and loose on the hips. The next was from St. Johns Bay in size 4. They were decent but no wiggle room in the legs, which happened to be the same case for the last pair (Arizona Jean company) in 5. Jeans shopping is hard when comparing brands so I knew coming into the store that I was going to come across an array of different sizes. I learned that no girl can say “I’m a 2 or 12.” and be accurate because every pair of jeans (even with the same tag number) has a different feel.


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