How to Make Back to School Easier

I like to make the first day as hassle free as possible. It’s the best feeling knowing you’re slaying in your new outfit and you can easily choose what binder you need next because everything is color coded. I walk into school feeling so much more confident when I have everything I can control in check. I know I can’t be in denial about school starting forever so that’s why this post is all about preparing for school!


Supplies: Take most to all of your school/locker supplies on the first day. I know this will make your book bag heavy fast but it is so worth it. I like to come in early to set my locker shelf up and empty my bag of all my notebooks, pencils, etc. If I don’t do it the first day then it will be a week later and I still won’t have it organized. This might just be me, but it’s always best to do things the first opportunity you get!


Dress, Jacket

Outfit: August means school but it also means back to school shopping! I usually get something special for the first day because first impressions are important! Even if you still have the same classmates and teachers, starting off the year by looking put together and feeling your best will make a serious impact. If you’re thinking of trying out a new style, the first day gives you a way to start all over.  Lastly, don’t forget to set everything out the night before! Here I styled this outfit with sandals but I’m definitely considering wearing my white converse.


Class Schedules: At my school at least, the first week means working out schedules. I recommend going in a couple weeks before school starts to make sure nothing has changed with your classes from the last time you checked. Now I know this doesn’t 100% guarantee that you wont have any troubles on the first day, but it will be a lot less likely. It also might give you the edge if you have to go back to your guidance counselor because this isn’t the first time you will have talked to them in three months.


Goals: Make a list of goals for the year. Weather it be acing your AP exam at the end of the year or getting honor roll the first quarter, write it down! Grab some colorful markers to give it a fun vibe. The finishing touch is to hang it up in your locker or above your desk so you can have a daily reminder of the big and small accomplishments you hope to make.

I hope everyone has a great start to this school year!!!




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