5 Cures for Summer Boredom

Spotify Playlist: Whenever I’m feeling a little lazy and I can’t possibly get up, I plug my phone into my speakers and play an upbeat playlist (usually Confidence Boost or Mood Booster). Doing this automatically lifts my mood and I’m on my feet in no time. Make your own playlist so you don’t feel the need to skip!



Memory Jar: There’s not a better feeling than reading through memories on NYE or, in this case, the last day of summer vacation. Target has cute (already designed) jars in their dollar section, but if you feel like being more personalized, there’s plenty of ways to do that! I used chalkboard paint on mine but painting the jar a bright color is also a great option. I use colorful sticky notes to write each memory on and fold them up in the jar. In my experience, sticky notes are much easier compared to cutting out strips of paper. When it’s time to read them, snap your favorites to your friends!


New Nail Color: Summer has got to be the best time to try a new color or design. Not only are there countless summery colors, but there’s more time to switch your color up without the worry that you should be doing homework.

Read: This sounds like a no brainer but there are endless amounts of books just waiting to be read. If you really get into a book, time just doesn’t exist. Most of the time I have books to read for summer homework so I don’t get to read my own picks but to those who don’t; cherish it! Bonus points if you read outside.


Photo Display: I probably take the most pictures in the summer, that being said printing my favorites towards the end is a necessity for me! I personally need to update the photos on my wall because some of them are from 2014!!! Currently the photos are 4×6 and are hung with reusable adhesive. Some ideas I’ve been loving are Gallery Wall, clothespins, and Instagram squares.

What activities do you do during Summer vacation to keep busy?


4 thoughts on “5 Cures for Summer Boredom

  1. I think I might use your memory jar idea with my girl scout troop! We will make them the first meeting and then we can reminisce all the memories from the whole year at our last meeting! Thank you Claire. 🙂


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